What a Night!

I’ve entered the Morton, Illinois Photography Show each year for the last several years. It’s a tradition started by my mother in 2007 when she took three of my photos off her wall end entered them in my name. I was really surprised when she called to tell me I’d won a ribbon, since I didn’t even know I’d entered. Each year since then she’s been eager to see what I’m going to enter. I always enter in the Professional Division, and last year, one of my entries won First Place.

This year, I again entered the maximum of three photos. There were around 150 entries in all, including about 30 entries in the Professional Division.

The Results:

Singer, dancer and actor Michelle Rouland

The photo “Michelle Plays Peoria” (above) took 3rd place. I did the photo for my Playing Peoria website where Michelle Rouland was the featured entertainer in last week’s post. The photo is also being used by ArtsPartners of Central Illinois during October for the “All About the Arts” marketing campaign.

Under the Bridge in Peoria, Illinois

“Under the Bridge” won 1st place. I did the photo to use as a banner image in the “Playing Peoria” website. It’s a pretty treacherous climb down the bank to get right along the river, but it was worth the effort.

Ink Blot Sunset at the Necedah National Wildlife Refuge in Wisconsin

Finally, “Ink Blot Sunset” was awarded the Best in Show ribbon. I took this photo last year during my time as the Artist-in-Residence at the Necedah National Wildlife Refuge in Wisconsin. The photo was at Goose Pool, which became one of our favorite spots. Every evening at sunset, the geese and cranes would fly in to spend the night in the safety of the water. This particular night, we had really dramatic clouds, and the water was like glass. In fact, I have to be a little careful when I hang the photo that I don’t hang it upside down.

About Craig

I have a passion to create, and I'm fascinated with the tools and technologies of creativity. I strive to produce images that are graphically simple and technically precise in order to render beautiful photographic fine art prints. I work with a variety of digital transformations to create a finished image that reflects my artistic interpretation.
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