Six Photographers at Death Valley – but where are they?

Here’s a fun picture that I just dropped off at the Morgan Elser Gallery in Delavan. The photo was taken at Zabriskie Point in Death Valley National Park on the morning of a full moon. The moon is just setting in the west as the sun is coming up behind me. You can see the sun just starting to light the mountain peaks on the west side of the valley.

Zabriskie Point at Death Valley

The fun part though is the nearly hidden detail. This is another of my HyperDetail photos, and the original is around 300 megapixels and nearly 10 feet wide without enlarging. That much resolution captures an extraordinary amount of detail, including some photographers on the trails and ridges. As the title of the photo implies, the challenge of this “Puzzle Piece” is to identify the six photographers.

Two photographers at Death Valley

Here’s a close-up view that shows two of them. Of course, you can’t see them in the small photo above, and you can barely even tell that this section is from the left hand side of the photo. This area is about one inch wide in a three foot wide print, and the two photographers are very clearly visible – but you do have to look closely..

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