A Classical View of Zion National Park

This is the classic view of Zion National Park. By classic, I mean it’s the photo that nearly every visitor takes. The view is actually from a bridge over the stream. There are so many competing for space that the park service has painted spaces along the south side of the bridge to designate spaces. It seems like everyone who passed by at least took a picture from the car as they drove over the bridge. Most people stopped long enough to walk out onto the bridge for a quick photo.

Zion National Park

Fortunately, the day I was there there wasn’t much of a crowd. I think it was a combination of cool, winter weather and heavy snow. The sky was just clearing up, and very little of the snow actually stuck to the ground at the southern end of the park. As a photographer, we dream of being at a scenic viewpoint just as a storm is clearing at sunset, and I got my wish on this particular day.

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