Who’s Watching the Baby?

Grandpa (that’s me) is babysitting (that’s him below) today while my son and the rest of his family are at Disneyland. The consensus opinion was that six month old Cohen wouldn’t really enjoy the land of Mickey, and I’m the lucky one who gets to spend a day or two with him.


So, he and I talked about how to spend the day. We watched a little TV, talked about life, and frankly, he was hitting the bottle pretty hard. Eventually, the cameras came out of the closet and we ended up doing a quick photo shoot. (Maybe I’m not completely objective, but I think he makes a great model.) The photo itself is pretty basic – one strobe through an umbrella from camera left and a white Teddy Bear camera right serving as a reflector to┬ákick some fill light on his cheek and ear.

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