A Visit to The Huntington

We visited the Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens last weekend, and what a place! Beautiful gardens and an amazing collection of art and historical items. I doubt if we saw everything, but we were able to visit most of the art gardens and galleries. I¬†really enjoyed some of the historical artifacts, such as an original Gutenberg Bible and hand-written drafts of Thoreau’sWalden Pond.” The draft of “Walden Pond” was especially meaningful since we had hiked there several times while we were in Boston a few years ago.

Lily Pad at the Huntington Botanical Gardens

We were at The Huntington during the middle of a bright, sunny day, so it wasn’t¬†particularly good conditions for scenic photography. I did a few close-ups of some of the flowers, but I ended up taking the most photos at a large fountain filled with lily pads. I like the simplicity of the composition above and the way the lily pads and flower seem to be completely isolated.

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