Big Sur Redux

We spent the weekend exploring the southern stretch of Big Sur. As I mentioned in my blog post last year, Big Sur was named as the #1 best scenic drive in the US. This year, we spent more time in the stretch between Morro Bay and San Simeon. It’s an almost four hour drive from LA, but the trip is worth it.

The area just north of Morro Bay has a stretch of tidal pools that are pretty accessible. Just by walking around on the rocks, we were able to find starfish, crabs and sea anemones.

Cambria has a very nice stretch of beach where we spent a fair amount of time. One of the attractions there is the┬ápod of harbor seals. They didn’t seem to mind the onlookers at all, they just swam back and forth and hauled out onto the rocks. We saw quite a few mothers with their pups resting on the rocks.

Harbor seal

After spending some time watching the seals, we decided to just hang around there until sunset. It turned out to be one of the most spectacular sunsets I’ve seen for a while. Initially it looked like a heavy cloud bank to the west was going to obscure the sunset, but at the last minute, the clouds opened up along the horizon and that let the setting sun shine through.

Big Sur sunset at Cambria

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