The Changing Face of Wedding Photography

I’ve started advertising my wedding photography on Facebook. You may never see the add on your Facebook page, but you can see the linked page right here.

Digital processes have been something of a two-edged sword for both photographers and brides. For photographers, it has lowered the cost of getting into the business, but it’s still pretty expensive if you want equipment that will produce professional results. The bigger change is post processing. Instead of simply sending rolls of film off to a lab, most photographers spend hours in front of the computer. I typically spend as more time processing images than I spent photographing the wedding.

There are big changes for brides as well. Proofs can be viewed online, and they’re normally available in just a few days. That makes it really easy for out of town guests and relatives to see the images. But even with online proofs, most of my brides still request a set of printed proofs, which I provide in a convenient proof book. That gives her something to take to work, or to dinner with friends. It can be passed around, and she doesn’t need a computer to show them off.

Albums are another huge change. Today’s albums are a far cry from the one from my wedding in the 1970’s. Modern albums look more like high-end photo books or magazines, with full-page and double-page layouts, text and graphics. They’re truly a keepsake that will last for years.

I do worry about brides who opt to not get an album. I think many couples simply settle for a DVD of images, and they probably have good intentions of putting together some sort of album. But, I’ll bet most never get around to doing it. And, most DVD’s will fade over time. In as little as a couple of years, the images may be gone, and then it’s too late. That’s why I also offer album design as service,¬†using¬†either my photography or your own images.

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