Bold Colors

Windmills near Delavan, IllinoisI love bold colors, and I especially love the color contrast of yellow and blue that we can sometimes find at sunset.

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Feeling Trapped?


What do you do with a pile of left-over fabric covered drainage tile?  You create an interesting fine art photograph.


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I Love Color, but that’s a lot of Color

Sunrise over Yosemite Valley at Yosemite National Park

I’m driven by color in my fine art landscape photography, but what if there’s too much color?

This was the scene my last morning at Yosemite National Park. When I work up well before sunrise I check the sky and there wasn’t a cloud in sight. Since it was my last day there I decided to make the trip to the Tunnel View overlook anyway. As I drove I noticed a bank of high clouds starting to move in so I started to feel hopeful. Sure enough, the clouds positioned themselves right over Yosemite Valley and were turned to brilliant reds and yellows by the rising sun.  In fact, it was more than I had hoped for.

Modern digital technology is wonderful but it can only go so far at capturing the beauty of real world. Computer screens, printers and photo papers have limited tones and colors and can have problems translating the wonders of nature into a photograph. This photo certainly brings back memories of that morning in the park, but I don’t think it will ever fully capture what I saw and felt. Nature is just too grand and glorious.

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My Reflected World Series of Fine Art Photographs

Reflections of pine and cypress trees

I’m fascinated with the way reflections in shallow water become very abstract without the context of their surroundings. In most cases I invert the image so that the reflections are shown “right side up.” The result is the look of a double exposure, but all done in a single exposure without any Photoshop tricks.

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Big Sur – Big Waves

Big Sur Sunset

I’ll never forget taking the evening I took this fine art photograph along California’s Big Sur coastline. Shortly after taking this frame I decided to change the lens on my camera. I had my back to the ocean (never a good idea) as my wife was helping me hold the extra lens. Suddenly her eyes got real big, and her mouth opened to say something.  Then we both got soaked from our hips down by a “sneaker wave.” Fortunately no camera equipment got wet but we spent the rest of the evening in wet jeans and squishy shoes.

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