Crossed Shadows


Abstract nude in black and white

I really enjoy the experimental nature of using a small LED flashlight as my only light source. My approach is to set the flashlight to its blinking mode so it’s flashing on and off. The process can create a really unique lighting effect but I never really know for sure what the result will be.

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Experimenting with Light and Motion

Fine art photo of light and motion

Sometimes it’s fun to try things just to see what happens. In this case I combined a model laying on a large rotating turntable with a strobe that projects a grid pattern. I simply placed an LED lantern on the opposite side of the turntable and then held the shutter open for one half of a revolution to create the light streak.

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A Composition in Color

It's all about the color

I love color.  Maybe it’s a response to my formative years as a photographer when I used Kodak’s Tri-X black and white film for 99 percent of my photography. Modern processes give me the freedom to explore colorful compositions that are more about the color than the subject.

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A Moving Photo

360 degree view of sculpture

I always enjoy photographing the work of local artists, and now I’m really excited to offer a new feature.  When photographing 3-dimensional works I can do a 360 degree rotation and provide the artist with an animated GIF file for use on their website. What better way to show off a sculpture than to show it from all angles.

Email for more information.


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Bold Colors

Windmills near Delavan, IllinoisI love bold colors, and I especially love the color contrast of yellow and blue that we can sometimes find at sunset.

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