Bound to the Chair

Nude woman with spina bifida expressing her feeling of being bound to her wheelchair

This photo concept was suggested by the model who was born with spina bifida and truly does feel “bound to the chair.” It’s also a great example of why I really enjoy a collaborative approach to my fine art photo shoots.

The model posted this on Facebook:

So. Yesterday I took a big step (figuratively). I had the pleasure of working with the amazing Craig Stocks on a photoshoot for his fine arts gallery and Art Models 360.
This experience meant a lot to me for a few reasons. The first being I was mostly nude (panties only) in all but a couple of pictures. This served not only an artistic purpose but also so sculptors and artists may see what the body looks like in a chair. This took a lot of courage for me to do. To pose like that for something public when I have struggled to accept my body was hard but once we began shooting, it became so easy.

The pictures turned out great. And no, I do not look like your typical model. My back is curved. I have a hump on my lower back. My tummy is paunchy and sticks out because of the curve of my back. I have some extra weight.

And that is OK.

Yes I am working to lose weight but not because I feel I am ugly. I do it to be healthy. And yesterday, while scary, was incredibly liberating for me. I was also able to take a few shots that detailed in a artistic way, the feeling of being bound to my chair. Of being trapped. I may have to struggle with that my whole life and that too is ok.
Because I am still in control. Even if my body tries to spin out on me…I am in control.
And I love me. No, I am not perfect. But truthfully…I do not want to be.

Thank you again Craig, for allowing me to do this with you. It was an amazing experience! (Plus the parisol shots were adorable.)  –  Cierce Carter

Thanks Cierce!

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Woman's bare legs protruding gracefully from a coil

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Fine art abstract figure photo

I like my fine art figure photography to have an abstract quality so that the elegant shapes and lines are the first things you see in the image.

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Rotating Art Reference Models for Sculptors and Painters

Rotating pregnant art reference model for sculptors and painters

A couple months ago I started the website to provide high quality reference photos for sculptors and painters. A unique feature is that the artist is able to rotate the model through a full 360 degrees to view from all angles, including overhead views.

The main focus of the site is the wide variety of model types, including slim, average, full figured, and even pregnant.  Use the filters on the right side of the page to select the combination of features you want. There are currently a couple hundred different poses on the site and many more will be added in the near future.

For more information, visit the website at

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Hidden (But not in Plain Sight)

Woman looking out from inside a bush

Nearly all of my fine art photography is done in black and white because I like the added level of abstraction, but this image really has to be in black and white for the skin tones to blend with the green leaves.

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